Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Who Am I?

That's the name of a Jackie Chan movie I saw on cable this weekend (Side note: don't you hate it when they show ads during movie credits, taking over the audio track and squishing the picture off to the side so you can barely see it? I wouldn't complain for most movies, but with a Jackie Chan movie the credits are often the best part of the film!)

So who am I, that has chosen to write this blog?

I am a blackjack player. A libertarian anarcho-capitalist. A software/QA engineer. A musician. That guy who wrote the Taebo FAQ, various libertarian tracts and some random bits of well-indexed unicycling advice.

Let's take that first item for now, and leave the rest for some other time. I play blackjack at a semi-professional level. I could probably make a living at it if necessary, but currently it's a hobby project, a side interest. It's a way to see nice shows, eat at nice restaurants, stay in nice hotel rooms and maybe earn a little extra spending money now and then. I have read dozens of blackjack books; I subscribe to a blackjack newsletter, and I have discussions on a private blackjack web forum. Some years back, I was involved with a blackjack team like this one. When I'm playing, I sometimes have stories to tell that might be of interest to a rarified audience. I could post trip reports, book reviews, strategy ideas, that sort of thing. Some of this would be work-in-progress material, a way to bounce new ideas off of my audience and strengthen them before I go risk actual money, time, or status.

Hence the name Blogjack.

(Sadly, somebody else has registered But happily for me, they don't seem to be doing anything with it yet. Should I snag the .org or .net?)