Sunday, June 13, 2004

Flying below radar, literally

Isabella V has some nice drug smuggling stories.
My favorite pilot used to just file a completely legitimate flight plan, switch to VFR at some point over the Texas or Arizona desert and drop his load from the air over a waiting team on the ground. Somewhere before landing he would toss out the waterbed he used for extra fuel and stick in the two removable chairs that had been wedged back into the tail to make room for the bags of drugs. Now the "innocent" looking plane would land at a point of entry airport, pass customs and spend a few days in the states before flying back. He always made this run with a lovely twin that had been bought from a DEA/Customs auction. It had been seized from another cocaine smuggler. I asked why he only used that plane (there were planes that I thought would be better for the job). "If they use dogs and the dogs get a hit on the plane for cocaine I have paperwork that shows why. That coke smell never gets out of carpeting, you know. Damnedest thing."


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