Monday, July 12, 2004

More Moore

I keep getting dragged into Michael Moore arguments. The most common defense of Moore I hear isn't "he's telling the truth", it's more along the lines of "he's no worse than Bush!" (or Limbaugh, or Fox News, or...)

This is nonsense.

Moore claims to be in the debunking business. When you are standing on a soapbox pointing a finger and saying "HE is LYING to you!" need to be damn sure your own facts are correct. Not arguably correct, not true depending on your definition of "is", not true in the sense that you're using unaltered video footage of people saying things they actually said at some point, but correct, including context and implication, Yes, Bush was lying to me when he gave alleged reasons for invading Iraq, but I KNEW he was lying at the time. Bush is a politician and I expect politicians to lie. Politicians are in the lying business; that's what they do.

Moore claims to be making documentaries. A member of the press. In that role, we expect him to assemble information into a coherent whole that makes sense and conveys useful, truthful information. He's supposed to add context and help people understand the world better. But his latest movie does just the opposite. He panders to the prejudices of his audiences, feeding them false information they are likely to want to believe. That is propaganda, not documentary. That's what's so disturbing.


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