Tuesday, August 17, 2004

"Gypsy Cabs Prompt Rate Hike"

That was the top headline of today's San Mateo Daily News, a local paper. I had to read the article, and sure enough it was just what the headline implied.
The Burlingame City Council last night approved a plan to increase per-mile taxi fees by more than 56 percent after local cab drivers blamed cypsy taxis in the city for stealing their business. "Gypsy taxi cabs are running around Burlingame giving the rest of us a bad name," said Thomas Baldwin, a Yellow Allied Cab manager, and spokesman on behalf of a half-dozen companies who lobbied for the increase.

The new rates mean customers will pay some of the highest prices around to be chaperoned.

So let me get this straight: Regulated cabs are having a hard time making money because unregulated cabs that can charge whatever the market will bear are getting all the business, and so the solution is to raise the regulated rates?

I'm sensing a tiny little problem here...


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