Monday, November 22, 2004

Darth and Me

The second CPAP unit worked, so I've now had a couple nights of the, um, interesting experience of sleeping with a gas mask feeding me air through the night.

First odd observation: I sound a little like Darth Vader. For good reason - my breath is being amplified by a robotic device that forces more air in and out than my lungs alone would do. Maybe Darth had apnea too! I feel a new sympathy for Darth. No wonder he's so peevish, having to put up with CPAP all day! Who in that situation wouldn't feel like blowing up a planet now and then to let off a little steam?

Second odd observation: When I wake up, I pass through a half-awake state in which I realize I'm wearing the CPAP device - because I can hear it and feel it - but I'm still asleep. I decide to disconnect the device, because it's annoying. I separate the hose connection, which should cause the motor to stop running. Yet I still hear the CPAP. I realize this is because I'm still asleep and I only dreamed I disconnected the device. So I wake up and disconnect it again. Nope, still dreaming. Finally I wake up for real, disconnect the device, and it stops. Phew!


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