Thursday, May 05, 2005

Peak Oil and Religious Environmentalism

The religious doctrine of Environmentalism teaches that using oil is evil, driving SUVs is evil, drilling for oil is evil, having large houses, large incomes, and large televisions is evil; we are all wicked sinners for living in a society that does these things; we will be punished for our wickedness by a great economic calamity known as Peak Oil.

Failing that, we'll all be struck down by a great environmental calamity known as Global Warming.

If neither of those do the trick, there's sure to be some other thing that causes suffering. Maybe a plague. Doom! Dooooooom!

Other tenets of Environmentalist faith are: pollution is always increasing, the population is always increasing, recycling is good (no matter how expensive or wasteful), "alternative energy" is good (ditto), "pristine" wilderness is good, nuclear energy is bad, "non-native species" are bad, we are undergoing a massive and unprecedented wave of extinctions.

What fills the role of a deity for this faith? Government. We pray to politicians to solve all our earthly problems. Sure, the politicians don't know how to solve our problems and aren't highly inclined to do so even if they could, but we pray anyway. Because we have faith, and it's something to do. And heck, it's at least as useful as praying to any other deity!


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