Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sweetwater Diet, part III

I've given up on the sweetwater diet, since it wasn't working for me. Forcing myself to drink a bunch of extra (sweetened) water initially made me feel quite full, but I adapted to it in a matter of days. I'm a glutton at heart; if I eat when and to the degree I feel like eating without worrying about the calories, I'll tend to eat too much. And I did, and I gained back some weight I had earlier lost.

The main thing that made SWD appealing compared to The Hacker's Diet was not having to worry about specific calorie counts. But, it didn't work for me.

There are some confounding factors, though: I recently moved to San Francisco and have been exploring new neighborhoods, trying out new restaurants, going out to dinner with people. There's too much variety in what I'm eating and when. After I've been in SF for 6 months or a year things will probably settle down a bit. I might try again later. But for now, I'm ending the experiment and returning to my former diet-and-exercise regimen.

I have a new theory as to why it works for others. If you drink slightly-sweet water for two hours with an hour of not eating bracketing that time, that's four hours straight of very little calorie consumption. This has two useful effects: (1) it prevents you from snacking during those four hours, (2) if you can get used to being a little hungry during that time, this may extend to other times as well - it increases your tolerance for long periods of non-eating.


At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm guessing by sweetwater diet you are talking about seth roberts' appetite restriction thingee--taking oil or sugarwater an hour or so before meals. there is an interesting site that discusses this a lot:
too much stuff there to read every comment, but if you read the CalorieCounter answers, you get a lot of info.

i think you are right about that last comment. but i also get the sense when first starting off you do need to kind of rein in the food consumption a bit, and this acts to help you get through the non-eating parts of the day. then later on you are just less interested.

enjoy the eating in san francisco.



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