Friday, October 28, 2005

Words Rarely Used Outside Scrabble

I often play Scrabble against my Palm while commuting. Some words that have been played against me:

ETUI - case for holding small articles
PRILL - to convert into pellets
NAM - past tense of nim (to steal)
KIF - kef (marijuana)
TWA - two
GLOZE - to explain away
KAE - bird resembling a crow
HAE - to have
TROOZ - trews, tartan trousers
TEW - to work hard
BORTY - low quality diamond
ETH, EDH - old english letter
UTA - any of a genus of large lizards
KEX - a dry, hollow stalk
WUD - insane
NARD - a fragrant ointment
PASE - matador's pass
ZARF - coffee cup holder
REI - an erroneous english form for a former portuguese coin
ANI - tropical american bird
SEI - a rorqual
AMRITA - beverage that bestows immortality in hindu mythology
AGEE - to one side
ZEK - inmate in a soviet labor camp
TRUG - gardener's basket
SWIPLE - threshing machine part
TEIID - south african lizard
MUN - fellow
HIN - hebrew unit of liquid measure

How many of those could you have recognized? Defined?


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