Friday, December 09, 2005

More Words Rarely Used Outside Scrabble

AAL - east indian shrub
TED - to spread for drying
PETSAI - chinese cabbage
AGA - high ranking turkish military officer
FOHNS - foehn, a warm, dry wind
ERN - erne, a sea bird
YOGH - middle english letter
TOLO - unit of weight used in india
IWIS - certainly
MIR - a russian peasant commune
WIS - past tense of wist, to know
DEKE - to feint in hockey
BIRL - to rotate a floating log
BOLE - a fine clay
TOOM - empty
USQUE - usquebae
OHIA - lehua, a tropical tree
ALA, ALAE - a wing or winglike part
GENU - the knee
MIRZA - persian title of honor


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