Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Still More Words Rarely Used Outside Scrabble

(Collect them all! Trade with your friends!)
MUMP - to beg
NEEP - a turnip
AMBO - a pulpit in an early Christian church
SHA - used to urge silence
LEV, LEVA - monetary unit of Bulgaria
KINE - a type of television tube
ZEBU - an asian ox
GUAN - a large bird
TUP - to cupolate with a ewe
MUN - man, fellow
ROVEN - past participle of reeve
ZIBET - an asian civet
DUNT - to strike with a heavy blow
PEH - pe
RAGA - a hindu musical form
ETAPE - a warehouse
HAP - to happen
WEN, WENS - a benign skin tumor
LEGER - fishing bait meant to lie on the bottom
GUL - a design in oriental carpets
EATH - easy


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