Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All they want to do is eat your brains!

I just discovered songwriter Jonathan Coulton, who is excruciatingly funny. About him, Popular Science correctly writes:
Jonathan Coulton is a professional software writer and sometime recreational robot-builder who happens to be an extremely funny songwriter. His songs scan a vast, weird range of subjects with the sort of wit, edge and self- deprecation heard in vintage Loudon Wainwright III or They Might Be Giants, or in newer bands like Fountains of Wayne - but he's funnier than any of them.
Here are two of his best songs, which you can listen to while you read the lyrics - one is about a programming dweeb; the other is about those pesky zombies you might meet shuffling in or about the office on a bad day.
Re: Your brains
Code Monkey
(hat tip: pa)

Update: here's his myspace page.


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