Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day 1: San Francisco->Burbank, CA. First accident!

Between packing and paperwork and procrastinating, I got no sleep last night. Took adrafinil and some Diet Coke to chase away the sleepiness. Decided at the last minute to try making time-lapse drive videos and futzed around for an hour or so in SF trying to get the video to work right. I had a notion that a proper car video of the subject should start with a view of the golden gate bridge or a similar landmark. Neglected the fact that the bridge can't be seen from anywhere that doesn't add an hour to the trip compared to starting where I was. (Saturday afternoons are full of festivals and traffic anywhere you can see the bridge). Two hours if you count getting there and futzing with the camera. Upshot: though I left my building by 1:30, I didn't leave SF until 3:30.

Using EvoCam on my MacBook with an Eyesight mounted on the dash. Got it sort of working, but this was a grey, gloomy day - overcast and foggy and smoggy - so I didn't care - the first few videos are just practice anyway. Took the most direct route to burbank, straight down 5.

Stopping for dinner, I got in my first accident! I was approaching the drivethrough of a jack-in-the box. Got rear-ended by a very apologetic teenager. A couple scratches on the bumper, no major damage. Decided it wasn't worth the hassle to deal with it; I let it slide. Other than that, the trip was uneventful.

Reached my destination by 8:30pm. Played some guitar and gossipped with old friends, then a *very* deep and long-delayed sleep surrounded by toys in "the kid's room".

The Kid is a disney fan. It turns out Stitch (of Lilo and Stitch) is not something you want to wake up looking at. :-)


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