Thursday, June 07, 2007

Days 5-6: Lone Star State

Random snippets of Interstate 10 through New Mexico are designated "safe zones". We turn on our lights in the Safe Zone. Speeding fines are doubled in the Safe Zone. It reminds me of CalvinBall -- "that means today is opposite day!" If they're going to randomly modify the fines, why not post what the fines are? And why only have the options of 1X and 2X? How about an "unsafe zone" where the fines are halved? Or a "random zone" where the cop rolls a D20 to determine your fine?

Fortunately I made it though NM unticketed.

Texas doesn't care so much about "safe zones" but is full of triangular signs asking you to "Drive Friendly". The anti-litter slogans are cute: "Drive clean through Texas" or "Don't mess with Texas." Another nice innovation: split day versus night speeding limits. Often the limit is 80mph by day and 65 at night. (Again, though, there's an unresolved definitional issue - when does "night" start?)

I was stopped by a cop near El Paso, but slowed down in time as I saw him cross the divider; he only got me going 86 (in an 80 zone) and let me off with a "warning".

I've started contributing to the internet photo-survey of weather stations where convenient. I found and recorded the stations at Tomestone, AZ and Fort Stockton, TX. Couldn't find the one at Boerne, TX. Found a temperature sensor in front of the fire station at Douglas, AZ, but I don't think it was the right one.

Tonight I am in Austin where I plan to do the expected touristy sort of things - see some live music, take a tour.


At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you found any cowboys yet? -Fox

At 7:35 AM, Blogger Glen said...

Hi, Fox! Did you see the pictures of Tombstone? There were some cowboys there. The roads into austin were full of pastures with sheep or goats or cows, but the town itself seems a little short on cowboys.


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