Sunday, June 10, 2007

Louisiana territory!

I spent too long in Austin, but how could I miss the Segway tour? :-)

I highly recommend the ribs at Texas Roadhouse (Willie Nelson's restaurant) and the waffles at Waffle House.

Dropping into an Austin music store I noticed one of the largest music categories was - are you ready for this? - "Texan". Yep, all the artists from Texas were separated out as such in one place. It was literally half the music in the store.

Crossing the border into Louisiana, I found myself sidetracked by the casinos. I'd never tried playing blackjack at a "riverboat casino" - a casino that looks like a building and seems permanently attached to one, yet is technically a boat to get around a legal rule banning permanent casinos on non-indian territory. I'd also never played at an indian casino. As of today I've done both. It was a nice - and quite lucrative - break from travel, but it's time to mosey onwards. I am currently in Kinder, LA - the local Coushatta (indian) casino resort put me up for the night. Tomorrow I head on in the direction of New Orleans.


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