Monday, August 21, 2006

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Radley Balko writes:
To me, this a pretty damned powerful video. The guilt, regret, and introspection apparent in these former cops is striking -- and admirable.

LEAP needs more attention. This is an organization of 5,000 current and former law enforcement officials who recognize the failure and the damage effected by the war on drugs. And it has grown to 5,000 from just five founding members a few years ago. Seems to me that that's pretty newsworthy.

He's right. Watch this video. Show it to your friends, blog it, pass it along. If only a Nixon could go to China, perhaps it is also true that only a Chief of Police can end Prohibition. Worth a try, anyway.

Monday, August 14, 2006


So what did you do this weekend? Me, I jumped out of a plane.

My tandem instructor was Connie of Bay Area Skydiving in Byron, California. She's the one who had to remember to bring the right parachute.