Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moved in Manhattan

Shortly after finishing my trip around the US, I got a job offer from a hedge fund in New York. Found an apartment. Moved across the country. Started work on August 6th; my stuff arrived almost a month later, and now I'm mostly moved in.

My new building has an elevator operator; if you want to use the freight elevator you are supposed to schedule at least a week in advance and the elevator guy has to push the buttons. You can't use the freight elevator on weekends or after 6pm and you aren't allowed to bring furniture up using the regular elevator.

Since my movers arrived late in the day, I ended up running out of time and the elevator guy wouldn't let them finish the job. I tried bribery; I tried pleading; nothing worked. There's a concierge, but he has no authority to make any decisions on his own. There's a management office, but they never answer the phone after hours.

Ultimately I had to pay the movers an extra $500 to come back a day later, whereupon it took maybe a half hour to finish bringing up that last load.