Sunday, October 16, 2005

The New DeYoung: eh.

I dropped by to see the DeYoung exterior yesterday. The opening-day line to get in looked to be over an hour so I decided to come back in a week (when the place should be deserted again) to see the interior.

Based purely on exterior aesthetics, I like the observation tower; the view of the park from there must be fabulous! As for the main building, it was an ugly blocky thing before the renovations and's still an ugly blocky thing. The exterior cladding is already oxidized. Based on the pictures I've seen, it was a lot prettier when it was still copper-colored. Maybe it'll be nice again when it achieves the expected green patina in another decade, but it's ugly right now.

The scratches and dents and holes all over the panels kind of reminds me of another current fashion I dislike - pre-stressed jeans that are ripped and faded the moment you buy them. The good news is that the exterior (of the museum or the jeans) can't get much worse as it ages, because it's already been beaten and bruised by a professional before you buy. The better news is that no tax dollars were used to fund the renovations and that it doesn't look significantly worse than it did before, merely different.


At 5:46 PM, Anonymous Earl Cruser said...

Agree with you about the new deYoung -- not people or art friendly -- all those huge angular spaces, stairs, not enough seats. Well, it was a bad day and more people than I think it was meant to accomodate. Have seen a few world-class museums and this is not even close. And by all means, don't speak, "The Getty" in there -- you might offend someone. I searched for "hate new DeYoung" and expected to get more relevent hits than I did.


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