Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What do you want to be free to choose?

Bryan Caplan asks of libertarians: What currently illegal thing do you personally really want to be free to do? (besides "not pay taxes")

Many of the government-related frustrations that come to mind have to do with air travel. I said:

I want to be free to show up at the airport 20 minutes before the flight, jog out to the gate and get right on the plane without having waited in a security line or been searched in any way at all. (I'm confident some airlines would provide this option to the hoi polloi if it were legally allowed, just as private planes at private airports currently provide it to the rich and well-connected.)

When picking up a friend at the airport, I want to be free to walk right out to the gate and meet them as they get off the plane. I really miss that.

I want to be free to resell my airline ticket to somebody else.

I want to be free to fly anonymously or under an assumed name without fear of being denied access or being detained or delayed.

I want to be free to buy Sudafed (and various other drugs, a few currently illegal) over-the-counter without having to show ID and wait for a pharmacist to copy down all my details. As with the security line, I don't mind waiting in line when it's necessary but I deeply resent being forced to wait in line merely for what Bruce Schneider calls "security theater" - to show that somebody is "doing something" about a perceived threat.

How about you?


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