Monday, January 28, 2008

Juggling Update

3-ball: passing to another person is getting pretty reliable - I can pass every third, every other, or every one. Realized my Mills' Mess isn't quite symmetric, but damned if I can figure out how to fix it...I can now "claw" about 5 catches in a row and switch between that and a standard catch. Can juggle off the wall, off the floor, transition between those and normal throws. When catching on the neck, I can drop the ball behind the back.

Still working on: toss to an over-the-shoulder position, some weird V-finger small-movement stuff, and the still-impossible high-toss-with-spin-around. There are two issues: my high tosses aren't consistent and my spins aren't fast or consistent. If I could make my high tosses more consistent, it would help a lot with the 4- and 5-ball juggling effort too.

American-style clubs: I can now do around 100 throws without a drop. Starting to work on basic tricks such as under-the-leg, chin drop, and double spins.

What was new and different this time around: rope tricks. Specifically, I learned a half-dozen knot throws, which are really fun and very weird.


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