Thursday, May 01, 2008

In case of emergency, read fafblog

I'm so glad fafblog is back. It's the perfect blend of goofy surrealism to liven up an otherwise mundane morning. Like an emergency action flowchart:

Step 1: Is there an emergency?
a. Yes!
- Quick! Break glass in case of emergency.
-- Oh no, now I'm all cut and bleeding on this broken glass!
--- Sounds like an emergency! Quick, break more glass.
- Okay, I broke the glass! Now what?
-- Oh no, what'd you do that for! You needed that glass for the emergency!
--- Oh, what do I do now!
---- Quick, glue your glass back together while there's still time! Then break it. Hurry, it's an emergency!

Remember: Appeasing the bees will only embolden future bees...


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