Friday, June 26, 2009

A modest proposal on Iran

"First, do no harm." Before we start in with the strafing runs, I have a suggestion:

The US should offer citizenship to everyone in Iran. Allow anyone who wants to escape from the mess over there to come here and start a new life.

Had we done this with the Jews during WWII it would have saved a lot of lives. This policy is guaranteed to save lives and reduce human suffering and - unlike warfare - it does so without much risk of causing more suffering and loss of life. It also would constitute a huge PR win - every dissident who moves here demonstrates a lack of confidence in the existing regime.

People are suffering and we should something about that. We could give those people the right of exit. If we're going to do anything at all, summon the political will to do that first. It's cheap, it's moral, and it doesn't put any soldiers or civilians from either side in harm's way.


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